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Advantages of Spray Foam

Spray Foam Insulation Saves Energy and Money

Spray foam insulation has many advantages over conventional insulation materials and systems. One advantage is that spray foam insulation is seamless and air tight. Spray foam insulation expands to about 100 times its initial size and can conform to any shape and fill any size. Spray foam is lightweight and since it is fully adhered directly to a new or existing roof surface, it offers the highest wind up-lift resistance in the roofing industry. In some cases, tested SPF systems exceeded the ability of the wind up-lift testing equipment used to test all roof materials.

Here's a sample of a Hurricane Katrina damaged warehouse roof in New Orleans, Louisiana:

Roof Caoting Renewed Roof

The photos demonstrate the dramatic difference a cool roofing system can make and when the system includes spray foam, it makes the structure stronger and even more energy efficient.

Since spray foam is an inert material once cured, it eliminates the possibility of root causes of mold growth and given its air tight seal, pollutants, rodents, and pests are prevented from entering your home or business. And in the same way the spray foam can increase the strength of the roof, when wall foam insulation material is sprayed into the stud wall cavity, it unites the studs and the exterior sheathing together as one, resulting in a stronger structure.

Spray Foam is Good for Your Environment - Inside...and Out

The energy savings alone will help dramatically reduce any building's carbon footprint. Adding spray foam can save the average home or building owner up to 40% on energy consumption costs and spray foam starts working the moment it is applied. Plus, since spray foam is applied directly to the structure, there is no need to tear off or replace the existing roofing substrate, which would need to go to the landfill with many alternative roofing options.

Recommended for use in homes with environmentally concerned or sensitive people, spray foam is also free of harmful emissions since it contains no VOC's, CFC's, HFC's, HCFC's, or formaldehyde.

Stop the Air Flow, Increase the Thermal Resistance

Spray foam is sprayed in place to provide a seamless, perfectly fitted and air-sealed surface. During the spray foam application process, an air and vapor barrier is formed around the entire structure, creating a truly higher R-value than other form of insulation available anywhere. Sealing the air flow off increases thermal resistance and maintains the desired climate - hot or cold - on both sides of the structure, away from the other.

Top Coating Seals the Deal and Makes Spray Foam Roofing Better

By itself, a reflective roof coating can save any building owner energy and money. When used a top coat for protecting the spray foam, the savings are even greater. Although spray foam by itself will repel water, a top coat is recommended to make sure the elements stay outside while your climate is controlled inside. And when you throw a long-term warranty down on top of that, your flat roof can be saving you money on maintenance, repairs, and energy for decades to come.

There are many reasons why spray foam roofing is your best option for renewing, restoring, and preserving your roof. Contact us for more information on all of the benefits that come with an environmentally friendly and cost saving spray foam roofing system.

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